BitDice ICO – Online Casino The Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

BitDice ICO – Online Casino The Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
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New Generation Online Casino

The BitDice ICO has been announced and will begin on August 15, 2017. BitDice Casino is a well-established and profitably operating cryptocurrency casino that is seeking capital contributions from the public to transform itself into a new-generation platform for the online gaming experience.

BitDice Casino has been targeting cryptocurrency gamblers up to this moment and has managed to capture a significant part of this market. In addition, it has gained over 2,300 BTC in profit.


BitDice History

BitDice has been a proven successful online gambling destination since 2014 with improvements to their platform ever since. Today, BitDice Casino is one of the largest online Bitcoin casinos with a crowdfunded bankroll of over 4,000 BTC.

BitDice Casino’s historic performance is fully transparent and accessible through an independent monitoring agent at, which has been covering major cryptocurrency gambling sites since 2015.  Here is the snapshot of their history of Bets, Wagered Amounts, Profit and more since inception:

Some details from the Whitepaper about BitDice’s performance:

“Presently BitDice Casino operates a selection of games where Hi-Lo dice amount for the largest share of the revenue stream. Over 70% of that stream is attributed to BTC bets; the rest is distributed among other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and DogeCoin. Traditionally, BTC bets have been the strongest stream throughout its history. 15 Over the last year and a half, the wagered volumes in BTC bets alone have surged on average 45% YoY and reached 232,000 BTC”

The whitepaper (link below in Resources section) contains many more metrics and analysis of the casino’s profitability and growth since it was founded.

 BitDice’s Opportunity

After their proven success with their current model, BitDice is ready to go to the next level.  They want to be the first to get close to them, to build bridges and introduce the concept of “provably fair,” along with games that have a lower house edge.

BitDice’s opinion is that the cryptocurrency online gambling market has become very congested and future prospects for growth are challenging and limited.  BitDice’s plan is to take their experience from their online cryptocurrency casino and expand into the larger FIAT, traditional, online gambling market.

The challenges facing BitDice are mainly the cost of acquiring the necessary licenses necessary to operate as a FIAT accepting online casino.  This can take a large amount of capital, as there are licenses needed for many different markets. BitDice plans on using a part of the proceeds from the ICO to fund this endeavour.

BitDice ICO Proposition

BitDice has done its research on the blockchain based online gaming market and has decided that for the near-future they will remain off-chain with their gaming.  They intend to use some of the proceeds to continue researching the on-chain opportunities and move in that direction when the time is right.

BitDice is offering a distribution of 70% of net-profit to token holders as a return on their contribution.  BitDice provides various scenarios in terms of contributions raised and believes that based on these scenarios the returns should be between $.11 to $.51 per token with the value of the coin being between $,10 and $.20.  If these scenarios hold, the return will be over 100% of the token value.

 BitDice ICO Details

ICO Opens: August 15, 2017
ICO Ends: September 15, 2017
Token Name: CSNO
Standard: Ethereum ERC223
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Total Available for ICO – 70,000,000
Minimum Goal: $10,000,000

Price per CSNO – To be determined based on the capital raised as shown below:


Prospectus (Whitepaper):

Social Resources:


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